my heart surrender

When my heart surrender to you



A small thing I wrote, to express my self and to give my feelings the space it needs to fly away

To fly in the world of love

I hope you all enjoy flaying with me

As a flower in the springtime I was

I was … full of love … ambition … affection

I was … Romeo… searching for my Juliet

I was … someone with a big heart to offer

But … with you… my life … turned up side down

Cause in your eyes, I felt scared and lost

I found my self in another galaxy … alone

I felt deserted … with no one to reach to

My love

They said, what dose not kill us … makes us more stronger

But with you, I was already dead … by the look of your brown eyes

I felt my self drown to you, as a flower in a wile river

I had nothing to do … I couldn’t resist … it was magic

Your magic

My love

When we where yang, they told us

Don’t speak to strangers

Don’t stay late

But I really wonder

Why didn’t they warn us from loving someone like you?

What if I cannot stand the thought of you leaving me…?

What if I decide to leave you first…?

To give you a taste of my pain when you go away

The pain that you’ll feel … is nothing for what I live with every day

Imagining that moment to come


Don’t pretend that you don’t know how I feel

Don’t lie… I can tell from your eyes … that you feel the same for me

But, I know… as you know… it’s just a small dream… in an unfair world

Our world

I’m sorry if what I intend to do … is so hard

I’m sorry … if I made you feel so sad

I have only one heart…

And it is screaming for you… to go away


 To stay beside me today, and every day


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